3 Tips for Choosing a Guest Book.

Written by Beck on .

It needs to be said straight away that one of the biggest tragedies in wedding planning (or any other special occasion) is the desperate last minute hunt for a guest book.

From this at least one thing can be assured...You'll more than likely never look at it again.

Why? Because it was rushed, there was no thought put into it's future use or placement and no value given to its true significance.

When you choose a guest book based on your style, your taste and how you want to view it after the day, the value and importance of the guest book becomes implicit

So how do you choose a guest book that you will love, long after the occasion? A guest book, you will have visible in the room and want to share with your friends, your family, future children etc?

Here are 3 tips for choosing a guest book.

1. Choose the guest book for it's purpose and beyond

This is the most important tip. Because too many people focus on the guest book as a book that's just for the day and nothing more. Instead think about how you want it to look long after the day. This way, you'll invest in the guest book with more enthusiasm.
What do you visualise seeing in your guest book? Do you want it formal with signatures and comments? Or do you want it to be a series of funny photos and messages? Or perhaps a funny storyline of your occasion as told by your guests? Or a funny questionaaire, something light-hearted and fun?

 2. Choose a guest book with a style that reflects YOU.

Too often I see people choose a guest book based on the 'need' or tradition to have one. Choosing a guest book based on this will ultimately leave your guest book collecting dust in the back of a cupboard.

If you choose a guest book however based on your particular style, you're more likely to appreciate it and value it because it's a reflection of your tastes, of who you are and what you like. It's no different to buying furniture; you certainly wouldn't buy a couch if you didn't like the look of it.

 3. Choose a guest book that is well made and will last.

Of course everyone has a budget. But for a book which should out live your grandmother, it should be made well.

Even if you purchase a guest book off the shelf, you can still buy something of quality.

Please please if you ever have an invitation designer ask to make your guest book out of the same paper used to make your invitations, RUN!!!.

Invitation designer have their own set of skill set, but when it comes to offering to make a book out of the same paper, they are not aware of the disastrous consequences of doing so.

Granted there are some amazing papers available, but they are NOT designed for bookbinding. Many if not alll of these commercial papers have no give in them and are not designed to have glued applied to them. Not only that, when bound, the cover will buckle, bubble and ultimately the paper will shrink to its original size, leaving you with a very unattractive book, that looks cheap and nasty.